Innovation should be left to Teenagers (and The Lazy)

This is nothing to do with any clever neuroscience about the ‘teenage brain’ and why they are ‘wonderfully creative and innovative young people’, blah, blah, blah…. It’s a rant. A cheesed off, frustrated, parent of teenagers, fed up rant…… This is how it goes: Tuesday night you lovingly prepare food for the teenagers. You then do […]

Duck or Rabbit, the Evidence! (based on perception and bias)

Can you see the Rabbit and the Duck? Try turning the screen through 90 degrees – then back again. Right, fun over, back to the serious stuff. Hands up if you hear this phrase, chanted out at just about every meeting you attend nowadays. It’s a new mantra that started creeping into widespread use about […]

Week 1 of #TiL253. What have I learnt so far?

The Experiment So Far.  On January 1st I started a personal experiment to try and record some of the interesting things I bumped into most days. The thinking behind it is explained here: An Experiment for 2016 #TiL253. What I’ve learnt so far: The figures: Between the 1st – 9th January I posted 8 TiL’s […]

An Experiment for 2016 #TiL253

This is an Experiment. I’m having a go at recording some of the interesting things that cross my path. It’s called #TiL253. Today I Learned (TiL), I’ll explain the # and the 253 in a minute. Why Bother? Most days I; read about / get told / overhear / observe / randomly discover interesting things […]

3 Mystery Shopper Tasks for; Executives, Non Executives, Directors and Chiefs

  I’m thrilled with my latest T-Shirt purchase,“something buried in the dirt cannot topple”, it’s all about the slogan….. My interpretation; if you are deeply involved to something at a practical level (buried in the dirt), you are less likely to be easily disrupted (toppled) by external forces or events. I’m sure we could spend […]

Good Practice Case Studies, No #Failure? You’re Doing It Wrong.

Good practice case studies are like Hollywood movie trailers…… they only show you the best bits of what happened (with some exceptions). Sorry if that’s upset anyone, I am trying to be helpful. There is a great deal that can be learnt from the things that ‘didn’t quite go to plan’ (failure in many cases). […]