#TiL253 (An Experiment)

This is an Experiment.  I’m having a go at recording some of the interesting things that cross my path.

It’s called #TiL253. Today I Learned (TiL), I’ll explain the # and the 253 in a minute.

 Why Bother?

  • Most days I; read about / get told / overhear / observe / randomly discover interesting things
  • Most days I forget them by bedtime
  • I want to see if I can record them (the most interesting ones) in a reasonably organised way
  • If I share them, people can then have a look to see if they also find them interesting
  • At some point, I can have a look back to see if the ‘interesting things’ add up to anything useful, or ‘interesting’

How will it work?

  • I’m going to use Twitter to share the interesting things I’ve collected
  • This means I have to keep it short – it don’t want to burden anyone
  • A twitter hashtag means I can keep track of what I’ve been doing
  • #TiL253 appears to be an uncommon hashtag
  • Why #TiL253?
    • TiL = Today I Learned
    • 253 = a number of TiL’s I’m aiming for
  • Why 253? (there is a bit of logic to this)
    • I didn’t want to be tied to a time period – like a year
    • But, there are 365 days in a year
    • I don’t want to be committed to ‘working/thinking’ about this all of the time
    • There 52 weekends and 8 Bank Holidays when I can ‘rest’
    • 365 minus weekends and Bank Holidays = 253
  • It’s a challenge to reach 253, but achievable (I think) – time will tell
  • 253 is a ‘Goldilocks Number’
    • Not too big (unachievable)
    • Not too small (a bit trivial, not enough of a challenge)
    • ‘Just Right’ (ha ha ha, Goldilocks Number will be my first #TiL253)
  • As I go along I might turn some of the #TiL253’s into blog posts which I’ll post on this page

It might all go horribly wrong………

This page was posted on the 31st December 2015.

I have until the 31st December 2016 to complete my #TiL253’s